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New World Coins Farming Guide

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This guide will tell you everything about how to farm gold in New World MMORPG. Having enough money is essential in all multiplayer games because you can purchase new gear, upgrades and other beneficial stuff. You become stronger and can progress much easier.

One of the most important skills for earning coins is the ability to notice what's happening around you. Sometimes you may discover very sweet deals or opportunities. This is very important, especially at the start of the game when the economy isn't stable. Pay attention to what's happening with the in-game economy and react fast.

There are several ways to fill your bags with cash in the game. All of them have different profitability and consume a different amount of time.

Completing missions is the first and the most obvious way of getting some New World coins. Every quest you finish will give you some gold and experience points. You can take new quests in the Settlements.

Farming gold with quests

This way isn't the fastest one and you will have to spend a lot of time before you will be able to earn enough. We don't recommend this method as the main one simply because it doesn't give enough rewards while it consumes a lot of time.

Selling Loot
When you complete quests and explore the world you meet a lot of enemies. You can kill them, collect loot, and sell it to vendors. The enemy may even drop an item that suits your playstyle and you will be able to replace your previous gear with the new one without purchasing it.

The bad side is that low-level loot is too cheap. You will not be able to make a decent income using this method in the beginning.

Gathering Resources
The world of Aethernum is full of different gathering nodes. You can collect resources like lumber, stone, steel, or something more expensive and sell it to other players. If you have a lot of resources you may make some decent money, especially if the resources you offer are not so easy to find. Players always need different materials for crafting.

There are two basic gathering strategies you may focus on:

Gather only rare resources. Very often they are more difficult to get but the price for each piece/stack is usually high. The disadvantage is that you receive access to rare resources when you level up a little.
Gather low or mid-level stuff. This is usually much easier to get, but the reward per stack is also lower.
Before you go to the closest gathering node and start your way to millions make some calculations. Find out what resources are in demand on your server and act according to this information.

It's important to know: Usually when MMO game launches the economy on the servers isn't balanced. The prices may be very high even for low-quality stuff. Pay attention to the market and don't miss a chance. If you think that something is too much overpriced and you have it in your inventory don't think for too long. Sell it before the price becomes lower.

Crafting is a very difficult way of making money at the early stages. Leveling up crafting a profession requires resources and you will hardly be able to sell something at a good price when your crafting skill is low. But the more you advance the better items you can make. Top crafters may earn a lot of gold.

Tip: If you play the game right from the start try to level up a profession ASAP to become one of few people who can make high-level items. You will have a lot of clients and will receive a lot of coins for your work.

Leveling a profession is much easier if you are a member of the guild and help other players. Try to find some people who also want to level other professions and negotiate with them. Tell them that you will be helping them with the resources for their professions and ask them to help you in return. This may work out well. You may even try to find a dedicated crafting guild. Social connections may be very helpful in the New World.

Which profession is the most profitable? We can't answer this question right now because it's too early to judge. We will add a breakdown later on.

Using glitches and Bugs
Every new game has bugs and sometimes these bugs may allow getting a lot of money fast. We don't recommend using any money glitches because this puts your account at risk. You may be suddenly banned forever and all your progress will disappear. Sooner or later all the bugs will be found and players who had used them will be banned.

Pay attention: We don't say that there are money glitches in the New World MMORPG! We hope all of them were fixed during the Alpha testing. We just warn you to not use them if you find them.

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