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TryHards recruiting all levels and classes

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TryHards is currently filling in slots for it's clan. Clan is lvl 8 so members will be receiving clan skills. We can promise you a fun group of guys and girls who like to have pvp, mass pvp, raid, and help each other out in any way possible. 

Requirements to be in the clan are:

-Basic understanding of English since we only communicate in english.

-Usage of teamspeak 3.

-If a fellow clannie needs a hand, lend them assistance.

-Don't be an asshole.

We play as a team not as individual units. If you are a yolo player that doesn't follow instruction then this isn't the clan for you. We strive to be organized and precise with how to accomplish tasks in this clan. If this sounds like the group for you message in game "Manda "Jmage "Anal "Cruscher "Cookie  or leave me a message here in my inbox.


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