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Found 7 results

  1. Mais um videozim de pvp

  2. PVP - Blackout Vs PirataS

  3. https://youtu.be/ps7PRXW6dNE
  4. Competitividade

    Gostaria de sugerir aqui para que a área do Valakas desdo porte no Klein ate o cristal de entrada seja chaotic e a remoção do teleporte nobles da GK para o coração de antahras, para evitar o famoso flames em Giran e porte para entrar no ninho sem lutar pelo respaw, creio que isso tornaria a competitividade por um Epic do porte do antharas melhor e evitaria o famoso pvp avoid.
  5. GMPM.ME

    Hello everyone, We are initiating new CLAN / CP (effective from today's date). We are looking for casual and mature players with any level, class, gear. We will stay on current server. You can get relevant information on CLAN / CP's dedicated website:http://gmpm.me/ Even if you are new on the server but you would play with our CLAN / CP's prime time, we will get you standard A/S gear and level you up and get you noblesse if you show up few times during CP time. Also for organization, usage of teamspeak is mandatory, but if you are not feeling like talking, you can always just join and listen. Our CLAN / CP's prime time is from 20h to 00h GMT+1. You can find our contacts @http://gmpm.me/contact-us/ With regards, KaaN
  6. Busco CP para iniciar de habla hispana, preferiblemente Latinas por el tema de los horarios que usen TS o RC Soy jugador activo con horarios entre las 17:00 y las 24:00 a veces hasta mas tiempo (Lunes a Viernes) el resto de los días juego hsta 24Hrs depende ... Interesados escribir por aca o MP