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  1. Vote system and events

    Hello , why server dont have any vote system how u want to earn money if ppl cannot find this server . For players its also good if we can vote to improve server and get some small rewards . Think about that . Greetings KanaX
  2. Hello , maybe its any chance to add kb server events like TvT/CtF ? 2-3 times a day but its gonna give some fun and some rewards for players of course . Also u should add any vote system to bring new guys on server . For voting we can getting some medals or coins after changing for hat or nick colors etc . I think its good idea but u are the boss ;D Regards KanaX
  3. Use bot

    Hey Homer , Yesterday i write to you in game but there was no action . Just take care more about botting , the guy nick Anadan all the time using the bot during the quest at hot springs . He is blocking at stones no responding all the time doing the same action i observe him about 3 hauers . Greetings KanaX