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  1. One question!!

    .... what to say... you made me laught ! but c mon now you know it that necros with pets who have full buffs and ressists can't die its like 2v1
  2. One question!!

    How the fck can i kill a necro on 1v1 if his pet has full buff if i am sps? C mon now ! Remove this from buffer !
  3. easiest valakas of my life

    Calm down bro you win this mby you will lose the next who cares ... We just want to have fun ... gz guys
  4. Arcana Mace Heads/Dragonic bow shaft

    BTW we don't want 1 shaft per mob but this is unbelievable mate !! Just a little m ore change to farm 17 db shafts in one hour and a half ! Now we need 5 hours to get the shafts for 1 db !
  5. Arcana Mace Heads/Dragonic bow shaft

    Who cares about dc gloves? Gloves is like this everywhere but shafts and am heads are TERRIBLE mate ! Believe me ! You have to change this
  6. Arcana Mace Heads/Dragonic bow shaft

    yday was 23:00 on europe and 18:00 at Br why the fck you hadn't ppl online ?
  7. What about Blacksmith of mammon?

    Okay lock it
  8. Arcana Mace Heads/Dragonic bow shaft

    @Homer Mate ur server is x50 not x5 we want to play x50 server with the spoil of one normal x50 server you can see that no one likes this ... don't do more mistakes
  9. Hey ! What about Mammon ? half server has A grade set and we can't wear it
  10. DB Shafts etc.

    @enCo we are playing x50 if you want to play x5 go play x5 don't come here... btw server is java idiot...
  11. What about login!?

    it stucks here ! https://prnt.sc/iqtoq0 Any information?
  12. Isis Team is coming

    Hey ! Nice to meet you again ! Darkeness one love ! Where can i make an application ?
  13. LF Greek CP

    Hey bro i pm you but phone broswer sucks !! Pm me
  14. LF Greek CP

    Hey i am Bishop over than 10 years and i want a greek cp for raids etc My name is He4rtleSsSs or DopeInebriate (Mby i will bring more ppl )