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  1. SCAM

    are you serious? The more 'classic tricks. Open your eyes instead of complaining after ... things happen
  2. Enchant rates

    Are you sure you're not crying ?? It seems the usual complaint after failure .... I think if you decide to pay for TKT then you have not rinfacciarlo why are your business and nobody cares. The game features game in the chance 'to get the same things that you can buy so if one fails OE does not change anything that you acquired it or not, only increases your Rosik but you are aware of when you choose to pay . I always see more 'OE both weapons armor so I do not think so' impossible to do. Good game
  3. Max bid clan hall?

    I do not remember if it's already 'been asked in other topics then possibly refer back the question. If two clans both offer the maximum number is assigned as the CH? At first that made the offer? Thank you
  4. Passive augments

    Avance and flattery to GM, began an attempt to take advantage of it hahaha. I also want to test an AM + 14 with passive empower LV10 ... obviously acumen (Spam rules)
  5. Rec Tallum Gloves

    same problem
  6. VIP stats to donate shop

    BAAAAM! GM HIT WITH HAMMER FOR CRASH 8k However it was just what I meant ^^
  7. Admin

  8. VIP stats to donate shop

    Yeah, then why do not also Sell items that give advantages in Oly or even Raid Boss Jewelery tradable for tickets? ..so within 15 days the server will become unplayable and the only way will be : "pay and win" . I think there are already' benefits for those who Donate then i think it is not appropriate to increase increase the gap between the player .... to be clear, I am one of those who has donated so I'm not complaining. Good game