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  1. Its just impossible to do anything in the primavel isle, alone u cant do sh**, its just instakill by mobs by lethal strikes, please fix it .
  2. fail db for+15

    good luck on next server bro
  3. fail db for+15

  4. VIP stats to donate shop

    ppl are already with itens, increased xp and drop would not affect that, lol, but, have ur way...
  5. Whats the drop rate on the serv?

    yeah I wanna know too...
  6. The server is great so far, but to increase ticket sales and rotation HOW about we have a VIP status to sell in DONATE SHOP to increase xp,item drop, spoil, and adena drop? Like a lot of servers do? I gotta say that if it existed I would buy it for sure. Hope you like the suggestion GM thanks!