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    im not talking about you. im talking about people crying about the community
  2. manipesto dead

    hi self boy. nice armor. rofl. MAGE WITH NOBLESSE SELF IN 2020 LOL.
  3. manipesto dead

    44 in cc. aaahhahahahahahahahah ure dead. i self you. i self your leader. i fucked ur cp gvg every time we pvped. bye bye random. you're dead. your garbage party is dead. thanks for easy server. cu next.
  4. the only java player here is you. on javas archers have +200/300 range. on l2off archer has only +50 range more than mage (950) with archery passive at level 78. 50 range is like "1 step". u can test this in an arena.
  5. [SGC] L2 Lion 2020 (Volume II)

    we did. u were dead before loveli started hitting u. its in my video. more than half ur side was dead by the time loveli came in. that was 1 of the fights where i wiped ur archers in 2 secs.

    mimimimi everyone crying lol. jesus guys, don't u all have better things to do during the quarantine ?
  7. manipesto dead

    what zerg ? you are the zerg you 3rd world circumcised islamic kebab. your side has 2-3 more parties than ours and you die in 2 sec. shut up selfaos. WTS SELF-KEBAB. Delivered within 3 work-days. "YeahThePro
  8. manipesto dead

    I called on teamspeak "no1 hit manifesto" when they rushed my pt from windawood. It was a straight 9v9 with 0 deaths as usual. Also, their side has 2-3 more parties, so ur comparison is irrelevant. I don't need to beat them over and over again. I just love triggering their depression every time they die to me in specific. You have 2-3 more parties and u die in 2 sec kebab. Nice leader/MA stormFAG. selfaos lixos. Back to java chuchu. Stop projecting ur own garbage on me. Your cp is the one that makes no difference when it joins a side. loveli side was 2 sec before you. After you joined, still 2 sec. Nothing changed. bb.
  9. [SGC] L2 Lion 2020 (Volume II)

    u realize u never won as gangland vs moshpit side right ? As I've said before we had 40 people on EU time and no cc party online. When our CC was online you died even 55vs75 vs B grades and no, it wasn't the AOE. You were wiped out by 50% before we got backstabbed, ran u over with no problem and then u decided to regroup in a choke and get aoe-ed. I'm tired of saying the same thing over and over. Fraps speak for themselves. Also, everyone lagged, not just u lol.
  10. manipesto dead

    joined side with 2-3 more parties than ours and got rekt in 2 sec rofl. rushed me 9v9 and got pushed back and ran over to windawood in 2 sec, 0 deaths rushed me trying to AOE my party, 2 sec again. stormFAG self. nice MA. back to java kebabs. i killed ur party. no more posting on facebook ? faggots. bb. next cp to flame me will end up the same.
  11. [SGC] L2 Lion 2020 (Volume II)

    If you're good at something, never do it for free ) What fix ? He says x3 is retail kkkkkkkk
  12. [SGC] L2 Lion 2020 (Volume II)

    what ? at EU time we had -2 parties constantly including our main CC. Plus any missing players from the rest of the cps. idk why this is such a hard concept for u to get.
  13. [SGC] L2 Lion 2020 (Volume II)

    For me this is the last lion. 1) Lag - bad server machine - can't handle numbers 2) 0 respect for his own rules "max 60" - 0 penalties to cheaters 3) nerfing/changing random shit without telling anyone 4) telling me x3 magic crit multiplier is retail on interlude. ULTRAKEKW is this manifesto member ? lul wts bishop buffs. 500$
  14. [SGC] L2 Lion 2020 (Volume II)

    When epics went fully on EU prime time, our side (idc about loveli side) had 40 people, maybe 45, but most importantly missing our main CC party. Without that cc, 0 chance to win 40 vs 70-80. Idc why you keep mentioning this ally. Treshak was first to exceed the 60 people limit, and he never got punished by the admin. He did get punished by the community instead :D #booted When epics somehow rotated for a better time for BRs, we broke the ally, gangland came back for 1 more day, got aoe-ed at QA in 2 sec and ragequit for good. As I said, whenever our main CC was online, we won. Without ally, without numbers, without gear.
  15. [SGC] L2 Lion 2020 (Volume II)

    u can. the skillgap wasn't there with pts like fa and manifesto 1) reason why we killed ur shit side 55 vs 75 B grade vs S grade 2) reason why yesterday we won QA + pvp with half numbers vs prozacks side and loveli side So no, don't blame the client. Also, your cp other than turning on adrenaline and getting full S 1 day before other cps, didn't do anything else to carry. Open your sides and pull urself out of that delusion. You can cry all u want about losing some fights vs more numbers, but the truth is u lost all fights when we had our CC party online even 55 vs 75 vs valhallas.