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  1. Im feeling bad,from 2017 its worst start, where is all ppl? Always was online like 2+,every spot was with players, last Lion with Covid-19 was alive 3 month and have nice fun Good luck u with another start ... like metal or another lion, see u

    This is best protection from adrenaline,tower etc Why do u didnt use it? I hope for another server like metal etc u will make it and we will have clear game, w\o bot or drawn ic\dc set+10 wich u sold
  3. Ban

    i had ban too,idk what happen,doesnt matter, server was great )

    Today all epics with late time like wanted Aebetoo, HS will not coming,i hope Piratas and Avengers will have nice oposition, bcs GlodenArmada its meat
  5. Giran IS GOLDEN

    Yeap, u have nice opposition. from where u? Where did u was month ago? Why are u playing here now?
  6. Soultaker olympiad

    Nice skill:c
  7. Subclass problem

    All is work, u cant make another elemental class
  8. WeMakeYouQuit

    Loyalty? Why are u silent? Tongue in the ass?:p
  9. Server FULL BOOT ON HS !

    Today anybody can buy bot. But admin cant do nothing. I think need real bot hunters always in online... with salary
  10. Sub and noble from start

    Why do u need nobl if u will buy it?:)
  11. Tr1ada*Team

    А что у вас за клан? Под вашу КП? Тут 2-4 пачки русскоговорящих собирается, можно кооперироваться
  12. Sub and noble from start

    Who will leave so they easy...)

    What is mean? What we did on obt? Which patch is back? What ppl tested? ouch...:)
  14. СНГ КП

    Ага, давай:)
  15. VIP

    I think its nothing, i will buy vip and nobl after few days