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  1. [HighSociety]

    Joining as a group we dont have a side and i aint gonna make one this time fuck that. My old people pm me. Gonna recruit few active people, no bullshit. Inbox me No class specified. Only recruiting english / spanish / portuguese speakers. Saludos, L2 Lion es mi casa.
  2. WeMakeYouQuit

  3. cant log in

    europeans cant log is happening in more games
  4. clan hall

    you need clan lvl 8
  5. Epic times so bad for EU

    Reduce QA time 1 hour
  6. Lion Apocalypse

    And here is the other part
  7. Lion Apocalypse

    Here we are the best long term clan in the server. No quitting, no crying. Just winning
  8. Server Community

    Verdant is looking for a healer english speaker for over a week and he still dont find one.
  9. Explain me this (QA)

    Mais ele falou que epic boss nao pode pegar restore.
  10. Explain me this (QA)

    We clearly win and that happens?
  11. Queen Ant [HighSociety]

    A couple of fights eventho i have the whole queen ant frapsed is not worth editing. Some clan with a lot of heros was just running inside the nest whole time which makes the fraps kinda shit I put the fights that i liked +100 pvp each archer yesterday btw. Fun server except for the restore on QA
  12. Explain me this (QA)

    As you said you disabled restores but the hero weapons still can restore those bosses, fix it
  13. Boss event to promote

    Some fast video to promote the server it has action and needs more action like this. I have huge fraps incoming have fun, and i hope you organize better the next 9vs9 event because it was first +4 gear then unlimited and with full augments and shit it was unbalanced as hell but at least we had some fun. Thanks to the gm's for being active also

    server have proxies
  15. manipesto dead

    my respect to manifesto for not leaving and trying to make a new side with sacrifice, i low my numbers now lets keep server alive

    Proxies are ok use different ones
  17. [SGC] L2 Lion 2020 (Volume II)

    To be honest clan system is bugged i cant invite to royals, i think @Lion @Homer should keep clan system retail A good fix for mages and all ok
  18. [SGC] L2 Lion 2020 (Volume II)

    Wp at qa. This server needs a fix in mages, archer parties cant be stopped
  19. Mage Magic Critical Multiplier

    2 pt archer > 5 pt mages
  20. Server situation

    I did and never lagged, maybe because im in spain using USA proxy
  21. Server situation

    Literally 2 sides with big numbers, novastyle had cps leaving including mine, gangland idk that is not an stable side he barely go epics Maybe this 2 sides could reduce numbers so we can start enjoying the server as it should? Maybe im up to create something if it doesnt go full retarded /discuss
  22. New Side Rec CPS

    So the time has come I decided to go on my way as HighSociety like first lion. Server needs action and so we do. Recruiting Mage / Archer cps Interested in a sorcerer party too Recrutando Mage e archer cps. Full gear. Pm Reverse ou Satoru IG
  23. Server situation

    Yes i know but it suck for this kind of server cause most of the bosses are around 60 lvl
  24. Server situation

    Yeah it dont matter the limit you're right. It is up to the clan leaders. Is there any way you could add clan reputation to raid bosses or any other way than exping bots?