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    BOT = Permanent ban, apparently not! Everyone is complaining about it, but yet you do nothing. I was for 3 hours in varka right now, full of bots. Do something abou this at last!
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    Some fast video to promote the server it has action and needs more action like this. I have huge fraps incoming have fun, and i hope you organize better the next 9vs9 event because it was first +4 gear then unlimited and with full augments and shit it was unbalanced as hell but at least we had some fun. Thanks to the gm's for being active also
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    We clearly win and that happens?
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    As you said you disabled restores but the hero weapons still can restore those bosses, fix it
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    GM do you work, - BAN bots from FOG low and upper. - BAN bots from Varkas - BAN bots from HOTS spring TATE